New necklace arriving!

New pendent necklace is arriving, in gold and silver color.
This is very hot “over seas” this summer and is a “must have” for wearing on the beach, the club or any other place you might go.
You can wear them with other accessories as well as flash tattoos, swimsuite, dress og other alfit for the day.
Be sure to glam up with this delightful piece of jewelry 😉

Flash tattoo – Very popular

Flash Tatto ´s are very popular and they are “flying” out from my stock. 🙂
I understand why this has been the big hit this summer.
So easy to apply with a moist cloth or tissue, and so easy to remove.
The variations are many, so it is only the imagination that will stop you 🙂 so do not forget to buy your favorite flash tattoo today and get ready for summer 🙂

Flash Tattoo – The product with many names!

Flash tattoo, tattoo flash, glam, glam tat, tats, metallic tattoo, tattovering, metalik, flashtat, fake tattoo, silver Tatoo, gold tattoo. …
Yes, the list is infinitely long on what it’s called and maybe I do not have all the nicknames written down :-0

But I am so glad and very fascinated of how to use it and not least where!

Since I was little I have had the nickel allergy and has not be able to use fake jewelry, only gold or silver 🙁
And with so many beautiful jewelry, neckless and other accessories to be found in the stores and websites, it has not always been easy to find something I can wear, without ending up with a rash and end up scratching my self bloody!
So my jewelry has at times been very expensive, or I had to settle with not using anything at all, to my disappointment.

I am glad that the Flash tattoos has arrived … Oh Yes.. fantastic.
I have not reacted to them at all, and I can easily put it on where I want and when I want 🙂
Only the multitude of variations and locations, it puts the imagination into play right away.
If I get tired of it, then easily remove them with a little oil, and quickly decorate me again with new tattooes on places I have not tried before.
I believe that is even better then jewelry itself if you ask me 😉 I have even used them as a nail decoration, so do not throw away left over of your flash tattoo. can be used to a lot of things.

Hallelujah to the flash tattoos-I just love them < 3

Sexy Body Chains

These sexy body chains has now arrived and this is a product that will really sparkle up your favorite dress or any wardrobe of yours.
They are in the material metal and the color silver and can be worn by anyone.
Maybe take it to the next step and surprise your boyfriend or husband in the bedroom. 😉
I bet he would like that 😉
Or show off on the Beach in your swimsuit or bikini.

Hamsa – The definition

Hamsa is a palm inspired hand that is very popular in the Middle East and North Africa.
The name “Hamsa” comes from the Hebrew word “Hamesh” which means five. “Hamsa” refers to that there are five fingers on talisman, although some believe it represents the five books of the Torah. Sometimes it is called Hand of Miriam, Moses’ sister.
It is often used as jewelry or amulets and is known for its protection against evil, and gives strength and fortune to those who wear it.

Check out the bracelet here!

Spring is coming!

inspirasjonsbildeSpring is around the corner, and we just love the sun warming our face and body.
It really nurtures the soul and gives us something to look forward to.
This is the opportunity to get your Glam Tattoo for the summer, so remember that we have free shipping on all our products in Norway.
Have a great day and remember to take a few minutes to enjoy yourself in the sun 🙂


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